Wedding Showers

The Wedding shower is 100% all about you, so feel free to have whatever theme you want without annoying your hubby. Traditionally it is planned by the maid of honor but you can always drop hints or just be completely surprised. So show your maid of honor these ideas and get ready to have a fun time with all of your girls!

This wedding shower journal will help you stay organized and keep track of all your gifts so you can send the customary thank you cards.

Cookies and cupcakes make great snacks and can easily be decorated to match the theme of the shower.

(Tip for the bridesmaids) Use towels and kitchen utensils to make a cute gift cake for the bride. Most wedding guests gift the kitchen sets so she probably won’t receive a lot of simple utensils.

Tie photos of the bride and groom to balloons and tape the tops of the balloons to the ceiling to keep them in place. Cut the strings so that the photos hang above the table at eye level for everyone to see.

Decorate a bucket for everyone at the shower to put cute date ideas for the bride and groom so that they can read through them after the wedding.

Create a pop quiz about the bride for a fun activity during the shower. The winner gets a special surprise gift made by the bride for a nice sentimental touch.

Who doesn’t love bingo? There are many websites that you can easily find that have multiple design templates that you can customize.

Have a wonderful time at your bridal shower and keep checking back here for more ideas!

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