Obvious Advantages Of SOCKS Proxy

Proxies have long ceased to be an obscure attribute of Internet scammers. Using a proxy increases anonymity, but does not encrypt your data. Still, it helps to bypass the blocking of sites: they can be installed both in your country and where the desired site is located. It also helps to grab the right bag, a travel bag or a pair of sneakers on sale.

A proxy can store a cache of web pages: videos, pictures, site menus, etc. The desired resource will load faster. The latest version of the SOCKS protocol— SOCKS5 — supports the UDP protocol. Thanks to this, these proxies transmit data faster. And they are also safer than their predecessors: there is login-password authorization and IPv6 support.

There are a lot of reasons why you can buy proxy SOCKS 5, but there are quite obvious ones. This type of connection is considered an extended protocol of the 4th generation, the improvement lies in the support of UDP, which forms the universality of authentication schemes and the expansion of addressing.

If we consider the differences between SOCKS and HTTP, there are more significant advantages. The described type of proxy server sends data to the client in its original form without inserting any additions. The versatility of the solution is formed due to the absence of dependence on application-level protocols, as well as on the operation of TCP connections.

If you have already made the decision SOCKS Proxys kaufen, you should give preference to companies offering customers exceptionally high-quality proxies with a stable connection. In this case, a wide list of possibilities allows you to choose the most optimal solution for specific tasks. If the goal is to create a secure anonymous connection with an increase in the speed of transmission and reception of packets, SOCKS is recognized as an excellent choice. A reliable supplier has various protocols, so you can choose an option that is suitable not only for quality characteristics, but also for the final cost.

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