Modern digital printing and what are the stages of printing books and catalogs in the printing presses

Modern digital printing and what are the stages of printing books and catalogs in printers, a full explanation of the steps of color separation until the production of the brochure and catalog after printing for every novice Photoshop designer, learn about printing matters and more development of printing for e-marketing services.

Digital printing concept:

It is the reception of a text that contains many consecutive zeros and ones that exists in the computer memory and the ability to read and understand the content of the text to be printed and translated and converted back into text shapes and graphics and becomes content that can be printed on physical paper without interfering in an analogue manner.

It is the mediator between the computer and the printer and can deal with the same language as the computer. Although the printing method is very different, as well as the method of input and feeding, it still retains the same mechanical capabilities as ink, light-sensitive layer and cylinder.

Fast digital printing There are many types of printing considering the continuous progress of technology and modern methods of printing have emerged, including digital printing, or what is known as digital printing, and this type of printing is indispensable because of its advantages that are not found in other types of printing, and many researchers have been confused in the definition of printing digital.

The word digital means the transformation of the thing from its normal form into an electronic form that is understood by computers, but the meaning of a digital word in digital printing is what is known by what is meant by it. This means that it is present in the computer’s memory as many zeros and ones.

We have an electronic file containing all the data to be printed, whether it is a regular document, a magazine or others, and the printing is done instead of taking a picture of the text to be printed on a negative, and this digital electronic file is in the form of a pdf, word, postscript file.

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Advantages of digital printing:

  • Speed ​​in the production of publications, as you can get 100 units within 60 minutes.
  • The color quality is like the truth and with the highest clarity of the images.
  • The quality of the paper materials used.
  • The speed of adding a layer of stretch or cellophane.
  • A digital printing machine can be used easily for small business owners.
  • You do not need a technician or specialist.
  • Digital printing machines are easy to clean and maintain effortlessly.

Stages of printing a brochure or catalog:

Be sure to leave a distance of 0.5 cm without between the jig and the other on the two sides, where the distance becomes 1 cm inside, leaving the space without talking because the technician responsible for printing is normal to make mistakes in cutting or there is a malfunction in the scissors used, whether it is in the power of the sharp cutter or the shearing machine for that It is not correct for the brochure or the brochure that you labored to produce creatively with problems in the final output for printing, and you are the main reason for that.

In the printing presses, there is a person responsible for cutting the quiche paper and all its other types. Sometimes brochures or folded sizes are combined with other designs in a larger size to reduce printing costs and speed up production in half a sheet or a full sheet in major presses.

Where the scissors technician begins by cutting the leaflets and separating them, he takes from each design 1-3 mm, so I advise every graphic designer to pay attention to the smallest details when delivering the design files to the printing press and to ensure that all design matters are 100% without problems and leave the rest to the printing official to deliver the final print to you.

A layer of stretchable cellophane is added on the folds to get wonderful folds that need to add a touch of luxury and sophistication, preferably on kosha paper of 250-350 grams, while it is preferable to give a layer of cellophane on kochi paper of 100-200 grams to give a light shine to the design and the rest of the weights from Paper less than 100 grams is preferable to print only so that paper wear and final design does not occur as a result of paper weakness

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Beautiful brochures, and the flyers or fliers are always one or two sides, provided that it is not more than a pattern. It is designed according to the size you like, and most of the sizes are made in A5 size A5 or 10*21 cm and so on, but the designer’s vision in bringing out a new idea for the external shape of the flyer is what distinguishes it Among others in creativity and innovation

The color separation operations that take place in the printing press take place in several stages and the film is given to a technician responsible for printing on the printing machine. There are types of printing films, but with the development in the world of digital printing technology, one film is sent instead of sending more than one film to separate the four known CMYK colors, so be careful Dealing with advanced printing presses and using the latest machines for color separation and printing.

Graphic field for every beginner designer:

Those of us who do not love art have many different faces and types, and each of us has a type of these arts that he loves, practices, acquires, or is satisfied with looking or listening to it.

And some of us take art in its forms as an approach to life and work that lives on from its profit, and among us are those who content themselves with studying and understanding it and knowing the extent of its aesthetics. Art is a culture and civilization that man clings to.

Because it represents the legacy of his ancestors and will be passed on to future generations. In this article, we will talk about a type of art that is historically old and developed into a new one, which is the graphic design we see daily.

We interact with it in books, newspapers, painted advertisements and publications in all its forms. In this article, we will discuss familiarity with graphic design and many things you should know about graphics in general, such as knowing the difference between point, line, and shapes, and knowing the proportions in design to support you in making logos.

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