How to Make Business Contacts

The dynamics of modern business life contributes to the emergence of non-standard situations that require a quick, clear and adequate response in the process of business communication. There are various technologies for establishing business contacts. For the practical application of the methodology, it is necessary to learn the basic principles.

This technique involves the sequential passage of the following five stages.

Stage 1. Removal of psychological barriers

When two people meet for the first time, both partners expect certain actions from each other, so make a business background check.

The main task is to exclude moments that can cause tension, anxiety or create a psychological barrier between interlocutors. The focus should always be on what is not related to decision-making and therefore does not cause difficulties.

Stage 2. Search for matching interests

At this stage of communication, the search for “points of contact” begins, the initial elements for establishing contact with a partner. At the heart of this stage is the search for coincidences: matching topics, opinions, interests, assessments, experiences. Coincidences act as a platform for rapprochement.

Stage 3. Defining the principles of communication

The main function of stage 3 is the exchange of information and the selection of valuable and leading qualities of the partner. Everything that the interlocutor offers you as principles of communication should be accepted by you. This will form his willingness to respond, to accept your principles.

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Stage 4. Identification of qualities that are dangerous for communication

Usually, each person has some features that he hides from people. The reasons here may be different, and they need to be taken into account in order to properly navigate in building relationships when communicating.

Stage 5. Adapting to a partner and establishing contact

Since you have basically already identified the main advantages and disadvantages of your interlocutor, the prerequisites for building a trusting relationship are created. It is especially important here to maintain the interaction process at an optimal level. This is possible only with such a distribution of roles. Your tactics at this stage of communication should be reduced to conducting an equal dialogue. All techniques should be aimed at arousing the partner’s desire to interact with you.

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