7 Main Mistakes When Painting Walls

Painting is one of the most popular ways to finish walls. If earlier preference was given to wallpaper, today painted walls are more common in designers’ projects. However, the process of applying the paint itself can be fraught with some difficulties.

You can turn to painter and decorator north london who has extensive experience in this business. In addition to the fact that they will help with the work, so they can give advice on which color is best suited, what mistakes to avoid.

If you decide to paint the walls yourself, without resorting to the help of a painter london, then here are the main mistakes that cannot be allowed.

  1. Do not sand the surface

The walls must be prepared for painting. First of all, it is necessary to sand all the irregularities and remove dust with a brush — small dust particles and hairs will be visible even after coloring.

  1. Do not apply primer

Priming is another important step in preparing the walls for painting. The primer strengthens the base and improves the adhesion between the layers of facing materials, preventing the paint from peeling off. After priming, it is worth waiting at least 12 hours.

  1. Don’t do the coloring

In order not to be disappointed in the chosen color, it is better to paint the walls before painting. On the walls, it may look completely different than in a store.

  1. Buy the wrong tool

For a good coloring, only a roller or only a brush will not be enough, both tools are needed.

  1. Apply paint randomly

The application of paint should be orderly. Painting vertically first, then horizontally or diagonally is a bad idea.

  1. Do not take into account the hiding power

When choosing a paint, it is important to take into account its covering ability.

  1. Paint the wet layer

Do not try to apply a new coat of paint if the previous one has not dried yet.

Following these rules, you can paint the walls, or you can always turn to professionals.

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