Strange and fashionable beard today

The shape of the beard can be different – from classic to extravagant. The choice depends not only on the type of face, but also on the style of the young man – the more he loves original details in his image, the more boldly he can arrange facial hair. Only with proper care with blackbeardproducts every man will achieve the desired result.

“Brett” looks beautiful; it is a favorite form in Hollywood. The mustache and beard are interconnected, the cheeks are cleanly shaved 2 cm below the hairline. The hairs should not grow below the Adam’s-apple, otherwise you will not get a clear outline and the whole look will be sloppy.

A goatee with a shaved chin can be worn with or without a mustache. The width of the sideburns is shaved in such a way that it looks harmonious against the background of the outlines of the face as a whole, the same applies to their length.

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